"Imagine a world with more art in it. Every coffee shop, public library, and elementary school will be its own gallery".

"Self-portrait", designed by Chloë Ryan. Painted by Acrylic robots.

"While teaching a robot to paint sounds esoteric, futuristic even - it’s really the most human thing to do. Our ancestors made handprints on the walls of caves and carvings in stone before putting brushes on canvas. We use tools to create art.

Humans create handprints and portraits to express themselves, to say ‘I am here’. Across eons and miles, that self-expression still fundamentally matters to us.

So we take a robot — a machine modelled after ourselves — and first teach it to express itself in the same way because it is our instinct to do so. We want it to be able to say "I am here too."


Acrylic Robotics is a movement.

We are artists, engineers, visionaries and entrepreneurs, pioneering the technology that will fundamentally change the way we produce art.

Art is intrinsic to human expression. As we innovate in spaces left static for millennia, and explore uncharted territories in creative expression, Acrylic Robotics is eagerly accelerating towards a better future for the art world.

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  • Chloë Ryan

    Chloë is the CEO and Founder of Acrylic Robotics. The company is the ultimate fusion of her background as an independent artist and her training as a mechanical engineer at McGill University.

  • Kyle Suri

    Kyle is the COO of Acrylic Robotics. He has a background in venture capital and finance, providing an analytical focus and financial lens for critical decisions. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto.

  • Ben Dowden

    Ben is Acrylic's Head of Engineering. He holds a Master's in Engineering from the Memorial University of Newfoundland, and has a background in machine vision. He leads deep tech development.