Thanks for having us, Vincenzo!

Our team at Acrylic has been hard at work revolutionizing the fine art industry! We’ve had a lot of fun grilling Chloë and Kyle in preparation for their pitch today, and we hope you don’t give them an easy time of it!  We can’t wait for what the future holds; changing the lives of thousands of artists and making incredible art available to everyone! Who knows, maybe one day all your artwork will be created by humans, but painted by robots!

P.S. Our robot wants to thank you for being an excellent muse. Our robot passed along that they enjoyed painting you. At the time of writing, your portrait doesn’t have a face yet. Don’t worry, I'm sure it's going to look great when we paint the last layer. The robot passes on their compliments on your fashion sense.

The Art World Dilemma

Art is the language of humanity, yet its creation remains challenging to scale. Despite a world bursting with demand for paintings where many artists struggle to make a living, unique art remains elusive for many due to its high price, leading to a proliferation of mass-produced prints that, unfortunately, lack the allure of textured of painted artwork

Our Innovative Solution

Yesterday, as for thousands of years before, these constraints have represented an impossible challenge. Today, Acrylic Robotics has redefined the boundaries of art and technology, and found a way to produce high-quality, authentic works of fine art, at scale, for the first time ever. How?

We've taught a robot how to paint

Acrylic Robotics offers artists a way to scale their work and increase their income without sacrificing their time. We handle production, packaging, and shipping, allowing artists to focus on doing what they love: creating. Art buyers, in turn, gain access to high-quality painted artwork at affordable prices. It’s a win-win, for everyone.

Chloë's Vision

Chloe Ryan is an artist and mechanical engineer solving the problems she faced first-hand as a freelance creator. Chloe leads a team of innovative minds including Kyle, a financial wizard and venture capital protegee, and Ben, a robotics enthusiast. Together, alongside their team of 10, they're revolutionizing the art industry, an expanding their artist beta-tester community, and working with renowned artists for upcoming collections.

Art Industry Revolution

Pioneering the fusion of physical art and technology, Acrylic represents three years of dedication, research, and deep tech development, offering a unique business model that provides artists with control and profitability, ensuring a low-risk, high-reward partnership.

Traction & Market Size

Internationally acclaimed Montreal-based artist Matt Chessco is set to launch our first major collection, using our robotic arm for larger-scale reproductions. His artwork, often selling for over $40,000, brings significant upside. In addition, over 75 artists with a combined Instagram following of 500,000 have joined our waitlist, showing high demand as we aim to expand the $685 billion art industry with more affordable options.

Growth & Investment Opportunity

Capitalizing on a thriving art market, we're set to launch our first collections amid a technological revolution in fine art. Similar to how records birthed rockstars and cameras created A-listers, we're reshaping the art world, and investing with us is backing this transformative revolution as technology explodes into the creator economy.

Towards a Fairer Art Ecosystem

In our quest to build the "Middle Class of Art," we're democratizing the art world, one stroke at a time, by empowering artists with wider market reach and full creative control. Join us as we built an art industry that is creative, innovative and accessible.

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