Connect & Collaborate


We believe that fine artists should be involved in the tech we are designing. Plus, we’re thrilled to be working with creative leaders to foster deeper interactions between art and tech. Let’s put our heads together to brainstorm innovative applications for our robot, discuss your latest projects, and potentially build something completely new!

Art Lovers

We’re currently in the process of revamping our mission to target the most pressing needs in the contemporary art market. This means we need your expertise to point us in the right direction! Our team has been connecting to as many people within creative fields as possible for casual informational interviews about their experiences of the art world. If you’re working at a gallery, an art agency, or simply have insight to share, we want to hear from you!



As student founders, we’re still learning the ropes and getting acquainted with the Montreal tech startup scene. Whether you’re a fellow startup, tech accelerator, or investment firm, we would love to hear your feedback and work together to build our company. Community matters to us, so please get in touch to discuss the ways we can lend each other a helping hand! We are more than happy to send along our pitch deck and any other materials you’re interested in browsing.

Join Us

Join our team! <3 We are always looking to collaborate with hardworking individuals who seek out hands-on, fast-paced opportunities to apply their skills. Whether you love robotics, spreadsheets, code, abstract art, or anything in between, tell us more about yourself so that we can reach out and keep you in mind for future opportunities.