Meet Chloë, Acrylic's founder!

Chloë is a visual artist who loves painting and selling art. As Chloë grew, she recognized bidding problems that make it difficult for emerging artists like herself to grow, earn a living, and make art they love. Chloë founded Acrylic to solve problems for artists and art-buyers.

The Art Industry Problem

Paintings take weeks to make by hand. To earn a decent living, artists must charge thousands for each piece and face the daunting gallery system. This creates problems for artists and art buyers.

  • Artists

    Artist cannot create paintings at scale, making it difficult to earn a living. Some must enter the daunting gallery system, some must create commissions they don't want to make, some depart from art as a profession.

  • Art Buyers

    Due to the lack of paintings, art buyers are forced to choose from paintings costing thousands of dollars or mass produced 2D prints lacking the originality and quality of painted pieces.

Acrylic's Mission

Acrylic aims to democratize the fine arts industry. We aim to help underrepresented artists create the art they love and earn the profits they deserve. We aim to help art-lovers access the paintings they love, and to do so without sacrificing quality.