At Acrylic Robotics, we are driven by a simple premise: Art lives when it is seen, but right now we don’t see nearly enough of it. Maybe too many artists are dissuaded from a creative career by insurmountable financial, social and informational barriers. Maybe art production techniques — unchanged across the centuries — are too static and uninventive. Maybe, as a society, we are too in love with the romantic notion of the starving artist sacrificing their health and happiness in their drive to create. Maybe too much art is locked in a steel bunker in the Alps.

We believe that art production technology and the art economy are greatly overdue for a shake-up. We will transform our understanding of how art is made and owned, and how artists can be paid for it. We have developed the tool that enables artists to create as they never have before — to turn a single, digital work into a collection of physical paintings.

We imagine a future of expanded opportunity for creative minds and hands — a series of bold steps that push the limits of human vision. Our tool allows artists to focus on conception, rather than the logistical minutiae that come with running an art business. With our help, artists will no longer be starved for time and income, able to produce magnificent collections of paintings from a single brilliant idea. We are building a world in which every living room, coffee shop, public library, office, hotel, and school can also be an art gallery.

We know that no machine can replace human artistic vision. Instead, we believe technology will allow us to explore uncharted territories in creativity and empower artists’ expression to flourish. We are researching and developing the technology that will reinvent our understanding of creativity. 

We believe people should be able to enjoy art’s splendour wherever they go. Art forms such as music, literature, and film expanded across the world stage decades ago. We believe it is time for art to have its moment. Art is the language of humanity, and we believe in its promise of understanding. We believe in novelty, in controversy, in curiosity and in community. We believe in the beauty of human expression, which is what makes art so compelling.

We believe in your right to own and enjoy art. We believe artists should be able to make a living off of their work. We have invented the technology that will allow more art to be created, owned, and displayed because we believe our world would be a better place if art were more accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to deliver that world.