• Create your piece using our technology

  • Let our robots match each stroke with real paint on canvas

  • Sell your paintings are sold in limited-edition collections on our supported platform

"Our approach boils down to painting each of the artist's brushstrokes using real paint on canvas. This allows Acrylic to produce a collection of high-quality pieces that capture elusive elements like depth, translucence, pigment mixing and intentionality— not just a jump, but a quantum leap in quality from a flat, pixel-based photo print."

- Chloë Ryan, CEO and Founder, Acrylic Robotics

  • Precision robotics

    Ultra-high accuracy (sub-mm)

  • High-grade paint

    Professional-grade acrylic paint pigments – not ink

  • Authentic feel

    No two paintings are 100% alike

  • Millions of style data points captured per piece

  • Brushstroke by brushstroke

    Like the original artist

  • Layers & depth

    Our paintings have thousands of strokes each — many more than are visible to the naked eye, but which contribute to the depth and three-dimensionality of the final result.

  • Richness of paint pigments

    Quality paint pigments can't be mimicked by ink colours (like those used in printing). No two strokes — and no two paintings — are perfectly identical.

  • Real strokes, not pixels

    Your brain lights up when you look at painted art — your motor neurons work to imagine how the artist performed each stroke. Prints just aren't the same as a real painting.

“Contrary to Walter Benjamin’s prediction, made in the 1930s, that mechanical reproduction would drain the work of art of its aura, the circulated image has not stolen the aura from the original; it has borrowed and reinvested it. Today, the works of the greatest value, both in monetary terms and in auratic density, are precisely those images most reproduced.”

- Bruce Mau, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"

Apply for a spot on Acrylic Robotics' collaboration waitlist

Join us as we pioneer this new technology and way of creating artwork! We're actively running pilots with artists around the world, and we'd love to work with you.

  • Create a piece to be displayed and sold on our platform
  • Design a piece and sell it through your own channels
  • Introduce us to your gallery or representative and we'll work with them
  • Not ready to sell, but want to try it out? Apply to be part of our beta testing collective
  • Something else in mind? Let us know!

Working with us means you’ll get to say that you were one of the first handful of artists in the world to try out robotic painting. You’ll also play a pivotal role in helping us build the future of fine art creation, designed by artists for artists.

Thank you for believing in us!

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