For Artists

We build our tools for artists. Connecting and talking to professionals like yourself is essential for creating the right features and products for you. We're looking for artists to run our first pilot projects with for our digital and generative art tools. Reach out to anyone on our team or to connect with us or to join our pilot projects.

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For Art Buyers

Excited to get high-quality, beautiful paintings at accessible prices? We're in the processes of creating these paintings and they will soon be available to you. Join our waitlist to be the first to know about our inaugural collection drop!


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We're looking to collaborate with hardworking individuals looking for hands-on, fast-paced opportunities to apply their skills. Whether you love robotics, spreadsheets, code, abstract art, or anything in between, tell us more about yourself so that we can reach out or keep you in mind for future opportunities.


For Investors

Acrylic is growing fast, and we're working hard to achieve our dream of democratizing the fine arts. We're currently looking to grow our impact by getting our accessibly-priced paintings into the homes of more art-loving humans. Please reach out to to help us make it happen!

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For Art & Robotics Enthusiasts

Whether your're an art lover, student, or someone purely interested in what we're building: connect with us! You can connect with us on social media, reach out to someone on our team on our Discord, or email for more info!

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