The future of art is creative, innovative & accessible.

We believe creators should be able to make a living while they contribute their craft to furthering culture. We believe everyone should be exposed to beauty in their day-to-day lives. We believe buyers should be able to support independent artists without breaking the bank. We believe artists should collect royalties on their artwork and their art style.

We believe technology can be steward to the arts and unlock profitability for artists.

Previously a freelance artist, now a mechanical engineer, our founder Chloë Ryan struggled to make her paintings fast enough to meet sales demand and affordable enough for her friends to enjoy. She faced the artist’s conflict, unable to pay herself fairly for her skilled labour without selling beyond the budget of many potential customers.

We are a team of artists and engineers passionate about making art more creative, innovative and accessible to all. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we started prototyping painting robots and designing digital art interfaces in Montreal, Canada. Our robots got bigger, our paintings became more detailed, and we got an office through our accelerator Centech to store our robots, prototyping materials, and growing collection of test paintings.

Our robots over the years...

Near the end of 2022, artists were finally able to start creating paintings with our robots in the early-access program of our digital-to-painting product. At the start of 2023, we launched our art-tech community on Discord to encourage collaboration and discussion of people passionate about the growing industry, and for the Acrylic team to collect rapid feedback from our beta testers to better develop our solutions for creators everywhere.

artwork by beta tester artist Chris Schwartz

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Watch us paint! The Blue Lady by Kurt Chang