• Most people can’t afford art

    This creates a market where artists struggle to earn a living
  • We are the world’s first way to make painted art at scale

  • In five years, most art sellers will carry three products

    • Photo prints ($),
    • Handmade originals ($$$)
    • Acrylic painted editions ($$)

Letter from the CEO

Why should we have painting robots? Because they offer an alternative to the current system that values scarcity above all and leaves most artists below the poverty line or forced to work second jobs. And because art lives when it’s seen, not locked away in private collections. And finally, because photo prints of original works simply do not do them justice.

My vision is to use technology to make it easier for artists to make a living, to make fine art more accessible to the public, and to accelerate creativity for all.

We’ve spent more than two years tirelessly doing research and development to figure out how to do two things: capture an artist's unique style - the way they layer, mix colours, apply pressure – and teach our robots to do it for them at scale.

Each of our pieces is made with real paint pigments and on canvas using exactly the same strokes as the original artist. Yet no two pieces are 100% identical. The virtually imperceptible differences from one canvas to another in each numbered collection are what makes them special.

I believe something magical can emerge when the precision and tirelessness of robots meets the human creativity of artists. On behalf of my whole team of artists and engineers: thank you for being here!


  • Chloë Ryan - CEO & Founder

    Independent artist & mechanical engineer.

  • Kyle Suri - COO

    Background in venture capital and finance.

  • Ben Dowden - Head of Eng.

    Master's in Engineering, background in machine vision, machine learning, mechanical engineering.

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